Why choose


EMFIT QS is the only contact-free (wearable free) sleep and health monitor on market that can provide recovery and readiness analysis based on whole night heart-rate-variability. This is why professional athletes, such as triathlonists, cyclists, football players and other sports enthusiasts have chosen to use QS+ACTIVE.  

You own your data

We at Emfit are passionate about personal data ownership. Every Emfit QS user owns his/her data and we guarantee that your private data is never handed over to any third party.





Wi-Fi or Cellular/Mobile Data 

(no phone needed)

EMFIT QS has embedded data acquisition and Wi-Fi or cellular mobile data connectivity. The transceiver component is connected by a long, durable cable and is placed far from your bed to avoid disturbing your sleep. Electronics include its own processor and memory for totally autonomous operation. When you go to sleep, it automatically starts measuring. 




Visually compelling UI

The web applications' user interface is visually compelling, the information is provided with simple graphics and vivid colors.



Super Sensitive Under Mattress Sensor

Just as a cool bonus and thanks to our own proprietary sensor technology, EMFIT QS is placed discreetly under even a very thick mattress so you won’t even notice it’s there. The sensor is comprised of self-biased electro-active material and does not generate any capacitive field that might disturb your sleep. Under-mattress placement also ensures it will last for years to come without having to regularly replace it.



Trends up to 360 days

Long term trends help you recognize and notice sleep affecting lifestyle patterns, making it easier for you to alter your lifestyle into a healthier direction.



2 year full warranty

As the industry pioneer and manufacturing sleep sensors for soon 30 years, we have learned how to make these high quality and durable for both private and entity use. Therefore we are confident to give the best warranty* on the market.




Web application 

No app or software to download or update, no use of phone processor and battery consumption. Our nicely scaling and to any size screen adopting cloud based web application works on any computing device with browser. This is for users the most easy way for storing and accessing the data. Compatibility over the many years of use, when users' phones, tablets and computers change frequently, is not a problem. This is why in our strategy we have chosen to use web application rather than a native phone application. 

Daily health report 

Our dashboard is said to be the markets most detailed. Users simply love it. It gives detailed insight into last night recovery and sleep quality in visually compelling way. It also shows data for short term trends, from one week up to four weeks, which user can decide on how it is preferred.

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