Our team

Team Emfit consists of over 20 highly motivated, skilled and experienced professionals. Many of the members are owners at the company, living in Finland, Germany, USA, Canada and China. The whole team has a complementary set of skills including science, engineering, sales experience and entrepreneurship.

Our personal emails are:

Emfit Ltd - Finland

Heikki Räisänen

CEO & Co-Founder

Tel. +358 500 678 767

Tomi Virtanen

CTO & Co-Founder


Timo Aittokoski

PhD, MSc, Chief data scientist

Jaakko Noronen


Tel. +358 40 755 5408

Jouni Mitjonen

Senior electronics engineer

Tel. +358 20 778 0870

Jari Rinne

VP of sales, EMEA

Antti Häyhä

Brand manager, art director

Pekka Penttinen

Senior Manager,

Purchasing & Logistics 

Mobile: +358 40 7671 385 
Tel. +358 20 778 0870

Jasperi Kuikka

Sourcing & Purchasing Manager

Lasse Räisänen

Co-Founder, senior researcher

Henna-Maarit Kaustinen


Pietu Nykänen

Engineer, production and development

Emfit Corp. - USA

Pekka Rintala

President, CEO

Tel. (512) 266-6950

Christine Ocean-Rintala

Vice President, CFO

Tel. (512) 266-6950

Toll Free (877) 32EMFIT

Emfit Technology Co., Ltd – East Asia

Ricky Moon

General Manager/CEO

Mobile: +86-135-0018-5030
Office: +86-752-326-8396

Alan Zeng

Sales Manager

Mobile: +86-137-1332-4361
Office: +86-752-326-8396

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