Bed- and Door-Exit Monitor

Our SafeFloor is a state-of-the-art bed- and door-monitoring system for fall and wandering prevention. SafeFloor is specifically designed for those who should not leave their bed or apartment unassisted. It consists our monitor model D-1050-2G and thin but durable floor sensor model L-6090SL. Monitor is operated with 2 pcs AA size 1,5 V batteries. An optional, medical grade AC adapter is also available.

Unique, Long Lasting Sensor

emfit-bedside-device-outputsSafeFloor uses with many patents awarded thin but durable sensor. It is the thinnest on the market being only 2,4 mm thick. If liquids are spilled over it, they can easily be wiped away and sensor kept clean with normal household detergents. As it is unitary and laminated structure it outlasts its competion by years and saves from repeated sensor replacement costs.

Early Notification from Intended Bed or Door Exit

When used at a bed-side, the SafeFloor enables an early warning for fall prevention as it gives the notification the moment the person’s feet touch the sensor. This can save many critical seconds, allowing the nurse to better prevent accidental falls. If can also be used at a door to notice caregiver of possible wandering.

Interfaces with Other Systems

The SafeBed has an audible alarm with adjustable volume and dry-contact output (NO and NC) for connection to most nurse call systems, wireless transmitter or personal emergeny phones.