Printable Emfit film

Screen Printable Electroactive Ferroelectret Film

Emfit-PET™ is screen printable, electro-active polymer (EAP) sensor film. It’s outer layers are thin polyester films and core is high-pressure gas-expanded cellular structure that has permanent electric charge injected into the material by corona charging in high electric field.

Emfit-PET -film was developed to customers that have electrode screen printing design and printing capabilities, and can take the Emfit film in a basic form and refine it to a finished sensor product for custom applications. The Emfit-PET –film can have the electrode patterns screen printed directly onto the film with standard screen printing machinery and inks (silver paste, graphite) instead of using separate electrode layered sheets. The film can be used also with electrode layers arranged onto printed circuit boards (PCBs).


Property Symbol Value Unit Tolerance Conditions
Storage temperature Ts from -40 to +50 °C
Operating temperature ¹ Tr from -20 to +70 °C
Thickness D 0,15 mm ±5% 3-layer structure
Sensitivity ¹ Sq 25 ² pC/N ±20% normal force
Relative permittivity er 1,1 ±10% @ 10 kHz
Capacitance C 15 pF/cm² ±5% @ 1-150 kHz, EQV
Tensile strength at break, TD 535 N ±10% ISO-527-1
Elongation at break, TD 20 % ±20%
Youngs modulus, TD 1,0 MPa ±50%
Operating force range P < 300 N/cm²

1) Loss of sensitivity is < 20% after the following temperature cycles:
    a) 11 hours at -20°C, 1 hour at +20°C, 11 hours at +70°C, 1 hour at +20°C, 28 cycles;
    b) 1 hour at -20°C, 1 hour at +70°C, 10 cycles.
2) Max sensitivity available is up to about 200 pC/N upon special order.