for nursing homes
& assisted living




• Smart night round is more efficient and can decrease nurses' stress.


• Assistive night care can be performed when a resident is awake.

• Monitoring bed exits can help prevent falls and wandering.

• Tracking of resting heart rate, breathing rate, and movement activity during sleep, can help to detect changes in wellness and allow for early intervention.

• To measure the outcome and impact of treatments like physiotherapy or outdoor activity can be difficult, but their effect on sleep can generate insightful new metrics.

“EMFIT QS+CARE is an indispensable aid during the nightshift, because it’s possible for a nurse to more easily monitor the residents of two wards at the same time.”


Jaana Nousiainen 

Annankoti, Jyväskylä

Real-time bed occupancy viewer

for a group

• Residents on move and duration

• Residents in bed and duration

Push notifications via the app:

• After user leave the bed

• User did not return to bed in preset delay

Whole solution overview

Intended use


The QS+CARE  intended for the purpose of (i) evaluating daytime activities’ impact on sleep quantity and quality, (ii) in tracking bed occupancy for detecting possible fall or wandering. Tracking resting heart rate and breathing are featured and can possibly help in detecting infectious disease onset. In this intended use it is not a medical device and the data is not intended to be used for diagnosis or monitoring of a disease or other conditions.