for independent living

Better safety at home by discreet 

tracking of sleep routines and resting heart rate


It can be worrisome when an older family member is living alone. Emfit QS+Care gives peace-of-mind by enabling children or grandchildren to track the bed routines of an elder living independently. Tracking times in bed and sleep quantity can also help to detect a change in wellness. A raise in the resting heart rate can help in early detection of infectious disease, sometimes even before symptom onset. 


The efficiency of our personnel in home care has improved in the metrics of functional efficiency and better-quality encounters by approximately 20%. 


Aki Kuivalainen

business director 

Stella Kotipalvelut Ltd. 

Available notifications:

• In the morning the user did not leave the bed in the typical time window

• In the afternoon user did not have a resting moment in the bed

• In the evening the user did not go to sleep in the typical time window

• During the night the user left the bed but did not return in preset delay


Whole solution overview

Intended use


The QS+CARE  intended for the purpose of (i) evaluating daytime activities’ impact on sleep quantity and quality, (ii) in tracking bed occupancy for detecting possible fall or wandering. Tracking resting heart rate and breathing are featured and can possibly help in detecting infectious disease onset. In this intended use it is not a medical device and the data is not intended to be used for diagnosis or monitoring of a disease or other conditions.