Movement Monitor

Sold in USA, Canada & Mexico only by Epi USA.

Designed and manufactured in Finland

Sleep monitor for detecting 
repetitive muscle jerking

The Emfit MM, Movement Monitor is designed to detect faster, abnormal movements that may occur during the night, and will sound a high-frequency alert if these movements continue past a preset amount of time.


The Emfit MM, Movement Monitor consists of a film-like bed sensor and a control unit. The dynamic sensor pad is placed under the mattress and detects even the slightest movements of the person lying above it, including micro-movements caused by the heart beating. The sensor is attached to the control unit with an interconnection cable. When faster, sustained movements continue longer than pre-set thresholds, a notification is triggered. System can also notice light movements, thus making it equally suitable for small children.


Emfit MM™, movement monitor is not a medical device and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or monitoring of disease or other conditions, or investigation of a physiological process.

Sensor can be unobtrusively

installed even under a thick mattress.

Control unit can be attached to the headboard or mounted on the wall
Clinically proven, easy to install… and no false alarms

The top selling device of its kind and currently in use in over 60 countries worldwide, the Emfit MM is clinically proven technology that’s easy to install. Sophisticated embedded software and patented sensor technology effectively prevent false alarms that can lead to user fatigue.


The Emfit MM has an audible alarm with adjustable volume for short-distance notifications. It can also interface with most nurse call systems, wireless transmitters and personal emergency phones with the included dry-contact output (NO and NC).

The Emfit Movement Monitor is designed as a nighttime motion detector for any type of sustained nighttime movement. 

• Clinically proven

• Patented, innovative sensor technology

• Detects micro-movements like heart beating from beneath the mattress

• Unobtrusive and non-body contact

• Durable, safe, and reliable

• No age or weight restrictions

• Easy to install

• Emits high-frequency alarm sound designed to carry to the caregiver    

• Fast alert allows for a quick response time

• No false alarms

• Always on, always protected

• More sleep-filled nights and peace of mind

Ultra-thin bed sensor 

is placed under the mattress

The control unit can be clipped to the bed using the included clip, mounted on the wall using the included fastening bracket, or placed at bedside. It is operated with 2 pcs AA size 1.5 V batteries. An optional, medical grade AC adapter is also available.

Sold in USA, Canada & Mexico only by Epi USA.
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Emfit Movement Monitor Testimonials

Emfit saved his life

Anyone considering EMFIT should definitely get one. We have had ours for a couple of months but never had a need until last night. Our son had his first tonic clonic in months at 2 am. His EMFIT alarmed and we were able to be with him, and put him on his side and help as his face was buried in his pillow. He had another with the paramedics present, but if it had not been for Emfit he may have stayed in status and we would not have known. Emfit saved his life. 


Robert D.



It gives us peace of mind

We recently purchased a monitor for our 15-year-old daughter who has tonic clonic generalized seizures. Last night at 8pm the monitor went off while she was sitting on her bed working on homework. I would have never known she was having a seizure if the alarm had not gone off. Then, the alarm went off again at 5 am and we were alerted to another seizure. As a 15-year-old, she does not want to have to keep her door open all the time or have mom or dad sleep in her room. So thankful for our monitor. It gives us peace of mind that we will be alerted if she is having a seizure, while allowing her to have her privacy and not have to feel like we are hovering over her all the time. Thank you Emfit. 


Laura R.


The Emfit Monitor Has Changed Our Lives

The Emfit Monitor has changed our lives, I can’t thank you enough! Our son is now able to be back sleeping in his own bedroom (and out of ours) now that we have a monitor to let us know if he has a seizure. I wish I could explain the relief we feel as parents to have something like this. 

Jeanne Garske




We Can Sleep Easily for The First Time in 12 Years

This morning the monitor saved my son’s life. We were alerted in the early hours of the morning that he was in the throes of a major status seizure. It was so early we would have never known he was having an issue - he could have easily aspirated as he had vomited during the seizure. We are so thankful that we were able to get one of your monitors and forever grateful. We can sleep easily for the first time in 12 years! 

Anita Herold & Family – Beaverton, Oregon


The Device Is a God-send & Customer Service is Amazing

I cannot tell you what a relief this has been to me as a mother…but also to my son. He is a child and it worries him that we wont be there if he were to have a seizure. However, for all of our sanity we had to have a solution to sleepless nights. I have no qualms about recommending the Emfit Monitor. The device is a God-send and customer service is amazing.

Marie Smith – Laurel, Mississippi 


His life has most definitely been saved a few times

I am so grateful to you all at Emfit. I have three of your alarms and all of my boys can sleep soundly now. My eldest says he knows he can sleep safely and confident in knowing he’s safe! This in itself has brought a warm tingle to me knowing that he feels like this…his life they said, has most definitely been saved a few times. Thank you all for such a life-saving alarm.

Lee-Anne M.

Emfit MM Technical Specifications
Control unit
External Power Supply
Ambient conditions
Sold in USA, Canada & Mexico only by Epi USA.