Safebed (in EU)

Bed alarm for elderly fall & wandering prevention

Today about 36 % of people over 85 years suffer moderate or severe dementia. In long term care units this usually means over 50 % of customers. A person who suffers from dementia, cannot press a pendant to summon for help. At night and day, many of these fragile persons leave their beds or chairs alone even though they should not take a single step without someone helping. A patient fall is the most common adverse event that occurs in long term care facility today.

Another problematic issue among dementia care is wandering. Patients, often continuously, leave their rooms and either go out to perhaps freeze or wander to other patients rooms and wake them up too. This can cause a lot of extra work and worry to nurses and lead to severe personal injuries.

Specially Designed for Dementia Care

Emfit Dementia Care products are specifically designed to summon automatic help for persons suffering from dementia. Products are based on Emfit's exclusive and patented ferroelectret sensor technology. This means unnoticeable sensors that are installed under mattress or even below flooring. These sensors are extremely durable and sensitive, which means new kind presence/absence notification. Unlike switching mats, these sensors notice person presence based on vital life signs.

Best Return-on-Investment

In long term care, Emfit's dynamic sensors have the best return-on-investment (ROI) on the market. Because the sensor is installed below the mattress it simply outlasts its rivals. For the most fragile patients, the ultra thin floor sensor provides alarm to the nurse already when the patient is still in bed but intenting to leave it and having the feet touching the floor.

How are we different?

Dynamic Emfit sensors operate differently to switch mats and therefore our alarm devices use sophisticated digital signal processing. Our bed sensor install below mattress and is therefore multi-person use. Its use-time can be over 5 years. That gives big saving compared to short use time sensors.

Emfit electronics feature easy to use operations, with all the necessity and nothing extra. Monitors are powered with 2 AA size batteries. Optionally a 5 V medical grade AC adapter is available.  Customer Testimonials and Referencies.

Today we have soon sold 20.000 bed monitors. Our products are sold in Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, South-Korea, Japan and South Africa.

Bed Occupancy, Exit and Fall Monitor

Emfit SafeBed is a state-of-the-art bed occupancy monitor for fall and wandering prevention. It is specifically designed for persons who are unable to summon for help unassisted, such as those suffering from dementia. It consists of a monitor device (D-1070-2G) and under-mattress bed sensor (L-4060SL). The monitor is operated with 2 pcs AA size 1,5 V batteries. An optional, medical grade AC adapter is also available.

Unique, Long Lasting Sensor

With several patents awarded Emfit bed sensor is totally undetectable as it is installed under the mattress, even under spring mattress. Therefore it outlasts its competition by years and saves from repeated sensor replacement costs.

Immediate or Delayed Notification

The alarm will sound in few seconds after the person has left the bed. It also allows for a preset delay before alarming so caregiver can be notified if the person does not return to bed within the given time. This will provide enough time for going to the bathroom and returning back to bed.

Sophisticated Signal Acquisition

The bedside monitor uses our sophisticated embedded software and electronics. It detects the micro-movements of a person lying on bed – even heart beating and breathing, on which pesron’s presence and absence notifications are based. There is no particular weight limits and system is sensitive enough also for small persons.

Interfaces with Other Systems

The SafeBed has an audible alarm with adjustable volume and dry-contact output (NO and NC) for connection to most nurse call systems, wireless transmitter or personal emergency phones.


Mrs. Marja-Liisa Tolvanen
Overseeing Nurse, Keljo Nursing Home - Jyväskylä, Finland

"Emfit offers a tremendous reduction of the nurses workload, especially the workload of nurses on the night shift as they now know immediately who needs help and when."

Mrs. Jaana Nousiainen
Overseeing Nurse, Annankoti - Jyväskylä, Finland

"All our residents have their own Emfit safety device. These offer indispensable assistance to our nighttime nurse as she can now more easily monitor two separated wards at the same time. With the Emfit systems, the resident gets immediate help when leaving the bed."