About us

Team Emfit consists of 20 highly motivated, skilled and experienced professionals. Together we have over 150 years of experience at Emfit. Many of the members are owners at the company, living in Finland, Germany, USA, Canada and China. The whole team has a complementary set of skills including science, engineering, sales experience and entrepreneurship.

Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Finland, we are the world’s leading manufacturer of tonic-clonic seizure monitors for people with epilepsy, and heart beat detection based bed occupancy monitors for elder care.

We develope and manufacture whole products with focus in health tech. Emfit is also global leader in quasi-piezoelectric ferroelectret sensors and material for various industries, including paper machinery, sports equipment, music instruments, touch-sensitive human interfaces, smart building solutions etc.



Emfit Ltd
Konttisentie 8 B
40800 Vaajakoski
Phone: Int. (plus) 358 20 778 0870
Email: info@emfit.com

North America

Emfit, Corp.
P.O. Box 342394
Austin, TX 78734
Phone: (512) 266-6950
Email: usa@emfit.com

Southeast Asia

Emfit Technology Co., Ltd.
#2004 Dingsheng-Guangchang 1st bldg.,
Jinhui-Road, Danshui,
Huiyang, Huizhou-City, Guangdong,
China (516211)

Our personal emails are:

Management, new accounts & tricky problems

Heikki Räisänen - Emfit Ltd
Heikki Räisänen

CEO & Co-Founder
Tel. +358 500 678 767

Orders & Deliveries

Pekka Penttinen - Emfit Ltd
Pekka Penttinen

Senior Manager, Purchasing & Logistics
Mobile: +358 40 7671 385
Tel. +358 20 778 0870

Marketing & advertising

Antti Häyhä  - Emfit Ltd
Antti Häyhä

Brand manager, Art director
Tel. +358 40 729 3416