Contact-free Sleep Sensing Solutions

Established in 1990, we are the world-leading manufacturer of contact-free, under mattress installed sleep sensing solutions. Accurate, validated data is based on ballistocardiography principle and is automatically available via cloud-based solution. We offer our solution both for private and business use. 


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"It’s the most accurate of the contactless sleep trackers I’ve tried."

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"If you’ve targeted better sleep as the key to unlocking your performance potential in 2018, this could be the sleep tracker for you."


"Overall, the Emfit QS provides highly detailed sleep analysis for those who want to find out more about their sleep health, and their overall cardiovascular fitness and recovery."

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"The tracking goes much deeper than what is provided by other trackers…"

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"So far I’m very happy with my Emfit QS. It’s supposed to be the most accurate sleep tracking device out there that doesn’t involve sticking electrodes on your forehead.


"This is a great product which far exceeded my expectations."

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"Emfitin myötä olen oppinut, että huonot yöt kuluttaa mua huomattavasti enemmän kuin treenit."


"Ich persönlich bin ich vom Emfit QS  ziemlich angetan, denn die technische Leistung und Genauigkeit ist für den Preis einfach unglaublich!"


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