R-Series Sensors

R-series sensor is a fully shielded, low mass, thin, ribbon type sensor. It consists of a sensing element constructed of Emfit film and 3 layers of polyester film with aluminium electrodes. Crimped connectors are used for connecting to electrodes.

Options available are a shielded cable soldered to connectors with temperature pressed and melt protection cover over the joint.

Manufactured in reel-to-reel process, 6 000 mm long standard size sensors are available in widths of 9 mm and 19 mm. Rolls can be cut to shorter sensors. Longer sensors, up to 50 m, are available upon special order. Thickness is 0,4 mm.


Switches, security, vehicle counting, weight-in-motion, patient bed monitor, machine monitoring, acoustic emission detection, contact microphone, vibration/impact sensing, acoustic pickup, pyrometer, seismic geophone, hydrophone...