L-Series Sensors

L-series sensor is a fully shielded, low mass, thin, large surface sensor. It consists of a sensing element constructed of Emfit film and 3 layers of polyester film with aluminium electrodes. Crimped connectors are used for connecting to electrodes. Options available are a shielded cable soldered to connectors with temperature pressed and melt protection cover over the joint and 90 microns acrylic adhesive on one or both sides of the element.

Manufactured in reel-to-reel process. Lengths available start at 300 mm with 300 mm incrediments up to 50 meters. Widths available are 290 mm and 580 mm.


Safety mats, switches, security, vehicle and pedestrian counting, weight-in-motion, apnea monitor, sleep disorder monitor, patient bed monitor, force plate, machine monitoring, acoustic emission detection, contact microphone, vibration/impact sensing, acoustic pickup, pyrometer, rain intensity, hail detection, seismic geophone, hydrophone, ...