Non Contact Vital Signs Monitor

Emfit IP-9150 non contact vital signs monitor together with Emfit DVM Suite software create a new kind secure and scalable networked non contact vital signs monitoring and nurse call system for any care environment. It innovatively integrates non contact vital signs, presence/absensce in bed, and movement monitoring with nurse-call functions utilising standard structured cabling. Voice communications  can be arranged by integration with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). System has self-diagnostics and automatic alarms.

Product Overview

Emfit Non-Contact Vitals Signs Monitor consists of Emfit’s patented flexible sensor installed under the mattress or between two mattress layers, a monitor device that utilizes advanced digital signal processing, a standard data network (LAN or WLAN) that serves as the media for all communications, one or more monitoring computers with Emfit’s sophisticated DVM Suite software, and optionally for example DECT phone system for delivering alarm messages to nurses. It is also possible to use remote terminals installed in passageways showing all main status information and alarms. A conventional nurse call button, along with nurse-present, nurse-request-for-help and code-blue buttons are also included.

See video: Case Kontula

New Vitals Monitoring Technology

Integrated with Basic Nurse-Call Systems Functions

Enhances Efficiency, Safety and Quality

Sophisticated Signal Acquisition

Uses Low Cost Standard Ethernet (LAN)

All Data is Storaged at SQL Database

For Small or Large Scale Installations

About System CE-marking

Features & Benefits

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Emfit Non-Contact Vitals Signs Monitor IP-9150

Emfit Bed Sensor L-4060SL

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