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The Emfit Movement Monitor is the latest technology for monitoring an individual who, during sleep, may experience certain types of movements which a caregiver or family member should be alerted to. The Emfit Movement Monitor is ideal for monitoring and detecting abnormal movements such as muscle spasms associated with a sleeping person.

Product overview

The Emfit Movement monitor consists of two main components; a flexible and durable bed sensor (L-4060SL) which is placed under the mattress, and a bed-side monitor (D-2090-2G) with sophisticated embedded software. The Movement Monitor detects when a person has continuous quick-paced movements over a preset period of time and then triggers a notification. The system also notices light movements, thus making it equally suitable for small children.

The control unit can be placed next to the bed or on the wall using the included fastening bracket. It is operated with 2 standard AA size 1.5 V batteries. An optional, medical grade AC adapter is also available.

Notices Faster Movements

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"The Movement Monitor has changed our lives, I can't thank you enough! Our son is now able to be back sleeping in his own bedroom (and out of ours) now that we have a monitor to let us know if he has a seizure. I wish I could explain the relief we feel as parents to have something like this."

Jeanne Garske
Wantagh, New York

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Emfit Movement Monitor D-2090 and
Emfit Bed Sensor L-4060SLC
Emfit Bed Sensor L-4060SL


“My 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy 17 months ago. All 30+ seizures have happened while she was sleeping and the first 12 months were a nightmare. I don't recall us sleeping at all during that time and when we did I remember the fear of waking up and not knowing what we would find with our baby. Since April when we purchased the Emfit unit "all" of her seizures have been caught by the monitor and we are alerted in enough time to administer medication to bring her out without needing medical help. The fact that we can sleep soundly every night having faith in this monitor to alert us has helped with our family’s quality of life. Also I have never worked with a company that goes above and beyond like Emfit has to help us after the purchase. With their help we were able to get reimbursement from our insurance for this unit. This Emfit unit is truly a lifesaver for our daughter.”

Doug & Deana Reed
Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

“This morning the monitor saved my son's life. We were alerted in the early hours of the morning that he was in the throes of a major status seizure. It was so early we would have never known he was having an issue - he could have easily aspirated as he had vomited during the seizure. We are so thankful that we were able to get one of your monitors and forever grateful. We can sleep easily for the first time in 12 years!”

Anita Herold & Family
Beaverton, Oregon

Bliven Family“Before having the Emfit Movement Monitor, I would sleep in my son Aaron’s room, afraid that he might have a seizure and I wouldn’t realize it. The Emfit Movement Monitor has eased the stress that I felt leaving Aaron alone in his room. I have complete trust in the Emfit Movement Monitor and I can finally receive a good night’s sleep. That is priceless!!!!”

Michelle Bliven
Minot, North Dakota
(Bliven Family featured on Extreme Home Makeover)

"We purchased an Emfit Movement Monitor on our own from one of your overseas suppliers a little over a year ago. Our daughter has seizures that have never stopped on their own and almost always at night (stopped by Diastat). They are, thankfully, fairly rare, occurring perhaps once every couple of months. On at least two occasions, when we didn't catch the seizure with the baby monitor (for various reasons), we credit the Emfit monitor with potentially saving our daughter's life."

Jeremy Hilton
Montogomery, Alabama

"I cannot tell you what a relief this has been to me as a mother…but also to my son. He is a child and it worries him that we wont be there if he were to have a seizure. However, for all of our sanity we had to have a solution to sleepless nights. I have no qualms about recommending the Emfit Monitor. The device is a God-send and customer service is amazing."

Marie Smith
Laurel, Mississippi



"Just to let you know, the first night we used the monitor our son got up at 4:30am and the alarm went off. Had we not had the monitor we would not have heard him. Also today (after having a seizure on the way home from school), he was sleeping it off and we turned the monitor on and I am so thankful we did. The alarm alerted us to a second seizure."

Leslie Moccia
San Antonio, Texas

"The Movement Monitor has changed our lives, I can't thank you enough! Our son is now able to be back sleeping in his own bedroom (and out of ours) now that we have a monitor to let us know if he has a seizure. I wish I could explain the relief we feel as parents to have something like this."

Jeanne Garske
Wantagh, New York

Samantha Leiter

"I was searching for something that would provide me the peace of mind to detect if Sammie was having a seizure, or even worse, would stop breathing because she choked. Emfit’s Movement Monitor (Alarm) has been our answer. It is easy to use, senses seizure movement or no movement at all. It provides me with a sense of relief that it runs on batteries just in case of a power failure, and it is portable! Whether at home or on vacation, we have protection for Samantha. The Emfit Movement Monitor has provided me with peace of mind that I am doing everything I can to protect my daughter."

Amy Leiter
Atlanta, Georgia

"We purchased the "Motion Detector" for my son in June and set it up as soon as it arrived. I was beginning to wonder if it worked, since it hadn't gone off. James had had several seizures during the day, so I just wasn't sure; until Saturday morning that is. At 0500 the alarm went off. James was having a petit mal seizure that we never would have heard with just the baby monitor. James had a total of 5 seizures before we got them stopped with Diastat. Without the motion detector we would have only known about the last seizure, a grand mal, which would have delayed the administration of the Diastat.

James is 21 and we have been living with his seizures for 12 years.

Thank you for your product!!"

William Grochola
Tucson, AZ

"My daughter was born with a severe seizure disorder. Thanks to Emfit she is sleeping in her own room in her own bed for the first time in her life. She is 14. The monitor is working perfectly for her! Unbelievable!"

Lori Coppola Leskin


In this FAQ page we'll try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we get on a daily basis. If this FAQ fails to answer your question please feel free to cotnact us!

1. Will Insurance cover the Movement Monitor?

2. What is included in this system?

3. Will the monitor work with the mattress type we have?

4. Will the Movement Monitor work well with larger Full, Queen, or King-sized beds?

5. Where does the sensor go?

6. Are there any weight restrictions?

7. Why does the alarm sound when there is no movement?

8. Will I be able to hear this in a different room?

9. How do I prevent false alarms?

10. Why is the red LED light flashing on the front of the control unit?

11. How is the Movement Monitor different from other alarm systems?

12. How soon will I receive the monitor?

13. What is the Return Policy and Warranty?

14. Can I travel with this?

15. How long do the batteries last, and what type should I use?

16. Do you offer a remote alarm?

17. Are replacement parts available?

18. Will the Movement Monitor interfere with other electronic devices being used?

19. What happens if the sensor gets wet?