Fall And Wandering Alarms

Today about 36 % of people over 85 years suffer moderate or severe dementia. In long term care units this usually means over 50 % of customers. A person who suffers from dementia, cannot press a pendant to summon for help. At night and day, many of these fragile persons leave their beds or chairs alone even though they should not take a single step without someone helping. A patient fall is the most common adverse event that occurs in long term care facility today.

Another problematic issue among dementia care is wandering. Patients, often continuously, leave their rooms and either go out to perhaps freeze or wander to other patients rooms and wake them up too. This can cause a lot of extra work and worry to nurses and lead to severe personal injuries.

Specially Designed for Dementia Care

Emfit Dementia Care products are specifically designed to summon automatic help for persons suffering from dementia. Products are based on Emfit's exclusive and patented ferroelectret sensor technology. This means unnoticeable sensors that are installed under mattress or even below flooring. These sensors are extremely durable and sensitive, which means new kind presence/absence notification. Unlike switching mats, these sensors notice person presence based on vital life signs.

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Limited Warranty for Two Years!

Emfit offers a 2-year limited warranty for both sensors and alarm units. (1 year warranty in USA and Canada)

Bed Occupancy, Exit and Fall Monitor

Emfit SafeBed is a state-of-the-art bed occupancy monitor for fall and wandering prevention. It is specifically designed for persons who are unable to summon for help unassisted, such as those suffering from dementia. It consists of a monitor device (D-1070-2G) and under-mattress bed sensor (L-4060SL). The monitor is operated with 2 pcs AA size 1,5 V batteries. An optional, medical grade AC adapter is also available.

Unique, Long Lasting Sensor

Immediate or Delayed Notification

Sophisticated Signal Acquisition

Interfaces with Other Systems

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Emfit Bed Occupancy and Fall Monitor D-1070-2G
Emfit Bed Sensor L-4060SL

Bed- and Door-Exit Monitor

Our SafeFloor is a state-of-the-art bed- and door-monitoring system for fall and wandering prevention. SafeFloor is specifically designed for those who should not leave their bed or apartment unassisted. It consists our monitor model D-1050-2G and thin but durable floor sensor model L-6090SL. Monitor is operated with 2 pcs AA size 1,5 V batteries. An optional, medical grade AC adapter is also available.

Unique, Long Lasting Sensor

Early Notification from Intended Bed or Door Exit

Also for Concealment Installation

Interfaces with Other Systems

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Emfit Bed and Door Exit Monitor D-1050-2G
Emfit Floor Sensor L-6090SL
Emfit Floor Sensor for permanent concealable under flooring installation

Smart Door Monitoring System

Emfit SafeDoor is a smart door monitoring system specially designed for people with dementia. There are an increasing number of people with dementia who live at home or in assisted living facilities. For such persons, the risk of wandering and getting lost is high, especially at night, as there are often times a limited number of personnel to notice someone is missing.

Reduced Nuisance Alarms

Adjustable Delay

Unique Sensor Technology

Interfaces with Other Systems

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Emfit Bed and Door Exit Monitor D-1170-2G
Emfit Floor Sensor L-6090SL
Emfit Floor Sensor for permanent concealable under flooring installation

Emfit Dementia Care Reference Clients

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  • Australia: Hundreds of units
  • New Zealand: Tens of units
  • Canada: Over hundred units
  • USA: Tens of units
  • Japan: Over hundred units
  • Norway: Tens of units
  • Sweden: Hundreds of units
  • U.K. and Ireland: Hundreds of units
  • Germany: Over 1000 units
  • The Netherlands: Tens of units
  • Austria: over hundred units
  • United Arab Emirates: Over ten units
  • Czech Republic: Tens of units

Community Service Customers in Finland

Private Organization Customers in Finland


"We chose Epicare alarm as it offered more than one method of detection (detects all of a person's movements [including heartbeat and respiration] whilst distinguishing normal movements from epileptic seizures). Also aspects of the detection can be disabled or its sensitivity varied. It was particularly useful that the company were prepared to let us trial the alarm before deciding to buy. In this respect the company was very helpful in listening to our experiences of using the alarm and making suggestions as to how to adjust the various setting to set the alarm to best effect and also reduce false alarms to a minimum level."

- Mr. Graham Deighton

"We have Emfit's SafeFloor system installed in our five newest dementia care homes. Our first system was installed in 1995. SafeFloor has worked very well. It especially increases the safety of our residents and also helps night-duty nurses' work easier. With SafeFloor our nurses receive information about people with a high-risk of falling when attempting to leave the bed so they can prevent accidental falls. Nurses have commented that SafeFloor is very easy to use. SafeFloor also has the practical feature of allowing our nurses to switch it off if a patient does not require the system."

- Mrs. Päivi Karjalainen, CEO, Sopimusvuori Foundation, Tampere, Finland

"On one cold January night, SafeDoor detected that someone was walking on the front door step. The night-duty nurse went to the scene to investigate and found an elderly resident in her bedclothes. This resident had no prior tendency to wander."

- Mrs. Leena Seppälä, Nurse-In-Charge, Ruusula Service Home, Kuusankoski, Finland

"SafeFloor helps enhance the quality of life for elderly persons and brings big savings in nursing costs. Delivering the alarm to nurse's mobile phones is much more practical than wearing a beeper or checking nurse call screens on the hallway."

- Mr. Pekka Savolainen, Acting Manager, Service Center Levänen, Kuopio, Finland

"All our residents have their own Emfit safety device. These offer indispensable assistance to our nighttime nurse as she can now more easily monitor two separated wards at the same time. With the Emfit systems, the resident gets immediate help when leaving the bed."

- Mrs. Jaana Nousiainen, Responsible Nurse, Annankoti, Jyväskylä, Finland

"With SafeFloor we get information when a wanderer is leaving the bed. Now we can give help and assistance quickly."

- Mrs. Raita Perkkiö, Owner / Manager, Nursing home Ruustinna, Viitasaari, Finland

"Before installing Emfit's Care systems, we had to make regular nighttime check-ups to our ALF (Assisted Living Facility) because we had many residents with a risk of wandering. After SafeBed we didn't have to do any unnecessary check-ups and there has not been one incident of a resident getting lost of going missing."

- Mrs. Riitta Laaksonen, Manager of ALF, Yrjö and Hanna Foundation, ALF of Toijala, Finland

"SafeFloor offers a tremendous reduction of the nurses workload, especially the workload of nurses on the night shift as they now know immediately who needs help and when."

- Mrs. Marja-Liisa Tolvanen, responsible nurse, Keljo nursing home, Jyväskylä, Finland

"The floor sensor that was installed in the Dorothy Macham Home, a behavioral care unit, at Sunnybrook and Women's Health Science Centre has several advantages. The system covers the entire floor area of the bedroom allowing staff to know when the resident has gotten out of bed and or when another resident has entered the room from the hallway. The alarm is triggered and rings through to the call bell console as well as to the companion phone system, which identifies the location of the alarm. The floor sensor is individually programmable. This means the floor in any room can be turned off and on allowing for specific times when the resident is being monitored. If a resident is in his room during the day time and you do not want him to be disturbed, the floor sensor is used to monitor the activity of any resident who may enter the room. The floor sensor is sensitive and occasionally will pick up false alarms such as a door slamming or someone with a "heavy" step walking down the hallway.

The floor sensor has been instrumental in preventing injury when a resident gets out of bed as the staff is alerted to the need to respond immediately. Overall, the floor sensor has enhanced the safety of the residents and allowed the staff to be aware of activity in any room without being physically present."

- Sylvia Buchanan, RN, BscN, Patient Care Manager, LGSE & LDMH, Canada